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Technology and communications decisions can seem complicated—but they don't have to be. Work with a trusted Harvard PhD who has worked to find the most efficient, low-cost data and technology solutions for organizations including Mobil, Morgan Stanley, and the US Small Business Administration

Persimmon Telecommunications is ready to help you find the best solution for your telecommunications needs, including cable, T1, ethernet, data, cloud services, and more. Once you submit your information to obtain a complimentary price quote, an experienced Telecom consultant will contact you to discuss your situation, analyze your needs, and give you unbiased research on the carriers and plans available for your location(s). Making an informed decision is easy and quick given the information we provide. By signing up with one of our partner carriers through us, you receive the protection of a low price guarantee.

We are available during all phases of service, from the decision making process, the application and credit approval process, the provisioning and installation process, the ongoing contract period, to the end of your contract and the analysis of your options upon contract termination. Because of the large volume of business that we bring to the providers, we are better able to resolve any difficulty between you and the provider. We are not tied to any one carrier and will gladly investigate and explain to you reasons why you would benefit by switching providers

No longer must you contact a myriad of companies and then struggle to put all the price quotes at a comparable basis. We obtain circuit costs for you, provide a complimentary analysis of your needs, and by present solutions that will meet your requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Persimmon Telecommunications, via Telarus Inc, negotiates very competitive contracts with suppliers and can sell service directly for more than 40 providers and indirectly with more than 150 providers. In every case, your contract will be with the provider. Your first point of contact for questions or issues will be the provider. We are available to facilitate answers or solutions to any issues when you do not receive a satisfactory response from the provider.

We are committed to assist at every step of the way.



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