Independent Circuit Monitoring

Via the VXSuite software platform we can provide tools to improve any company’s UC experience. VXSuite integrates with any communications ecosystem to deliver meaningful information to management:

  • Quality of Service
  • Bandwidth Issues
  • Call Analytics
  • Mobile Productivity


Free Circuit Monitoring of DIA Circuits Purchased through Persimmon Connections

Complimentary Circuit Monitoring is provided for all DIA circuits that you purchase through Persimmon Telecommunications. We use "Ping" and "TraceRoute" to collect circuit information including packet loss and latency data. All this info is available to you via a user friendly dashboard and, if desired, a monthly Emailed report. Furthermore, when trouble develops on your circuit we provide an option to have a Email sent to you or the ID of your choice. For additional details, see Persimmon Telecommunications Circuit Monitoring or contact us.