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Technology and communications decisions can seem complicated—but they don't have to be. Work with a trusted Harvard PhD who has worked to find the most efficient, low-cost data and technology solutions for organizations including Mobil, Morgan Stanley, and the US Small Business Administration

Persimmon Telecommunications is available to find the optimal telecommunications solution for your needs, including cable, T1, ethernet, data, cloud services, and more. After you enter your information you will be given a free price quote, and an expert Telecom consultant will be in touch to understand and analyze your needs, and present unbiased research on the appropriate options for your location(s). The information we provide will allow you to make an informed decision easily and quickly. By ordering from a carrier or other provider through us, you receive the lowest price available for any given service.

We are available to assist you during your decision making, while completing the application and through the provisioning and installation process, the contract term, to contract termination and the analysis of your options going forward. Given the amount of business that we bring to each provider, we are better able to obtain their attention to resolve any dispute between you and the provider. We are not tied to any one carrier and will gladly research for you any advantages you might gain by using a different provider. 

No longer must you contact various companies and then struggle to understand to put the different price quotes on a comparable basis. We provide an analysis of your needs, obtain pricing for you, and present cost-effective solutions that will meet your requirements.

Persimmon Telecommunications, via Telarus Inc, negotiates very competitive supplier contracts and can sell service directly for more than 50 providers and indirectly with more than 250 providers. Your contract will be directly with the provider and your first point of contact for questions or issues will be the provider. We are available to work in your behalf on any issues on which you do not receive a satisfactory solution from the provider.

We are committed to assist at every step of the way.



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