Managed Security Services

In this day and age, every organization is at risk from bad actors who are constantly trying to compromise your data systems via your connection to the internet. These hackers are continually finding new ways to enter and take control of your systems. In order for you to have peace of mind, it's important that you make it difficult for these attempts to succeed. The importance and time value of your data and your system operations determines to what extent it is advisable that you go to protect your organization. We work with multiple providers of Managed Security services who can offer you the appropriate level of protection to best suit your situation. Contact us for an evaluation of your situation and an introduction to some providers who can best satisfy your requirements.


Some of the Managed Security services available are:

  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Email Virus/Spyware Scanning
  • Content Filtering Service
  • Security Systems Configuration
  • Security Evaluation
  • Security Reporting
  • Authentication Management Service
  • Security Compliance Reporting
  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Portal
  • Inrusion Detection Service
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Spam Protection Service